Phillip Garnett

Profile Updated: August 12, 2013
Residing In: tampa, FL USA
Occupation: electrician

Geez, this would turn into a novel - right? After graduating (high school) I worked as an electrician's helper awhile. I had an "epiphany" experience at about age 19 and made a decision to quit using drugs altogether and dove into christianity. During that period I was married, went through an apprenticeship program, became a journeyman electrician and went on to pass the master electricians' exam.
Everything went okay as far as life's successes' go. We had the the careers, the 3/2 house near Logans Gate, cars, family, church and everything else - but I got extremely sick in 1991. And my life got turned upside down as a result.
I had a sudden and acute onset of what the medical profession calls a "Major Depressive Episode". The illness wreaked havoc on me for over 2 years. It truly is as serious as cancer, diabetes, leukemia, or any other life-threatening (or debilitating) illness can be. Ultimately, it played a huge in role in me getting divorced. 2 years into this crisis I also resumed drinking alcohol and drug use after being clean and sober for almost 9 years. I felt let down and disappointed, like I had been slamdunked on my ass by god and life!! Gradually I was doing drugs more and more, hanging with the WRONG kind of people, and drifting farther away from "normal" society and life. I had become confused, disillusioned, and altogether lost at that point in my life. So (from 1991-2001) I definitely went through some rough times as I'd made a gradual downward spiral into darkness. And honestly, that's putting it "lightly". My circumstances and situations remained hopeless as long as I was getting high, but I continued to use anyways. I could not successfully return back to the "good ol' days" or control my using - I began to realize that I had developed a serious problem.
Finally, disgusted with the way my life was going, I gave recovery a chance. I thought I could resume and control my using after going to some meetings and doing some steps. Well, THAT did'nt work out so good for me, but it took almost 3 years to finally come to that conclusion. So on 10/10/2004 I made a stronger commitment to live clean. I decided to quit harming myself spiritually,physically,and financially by using drugs.
Today I've got new friends, a car, a house, and a life worth living just from staying clean. I've grown up alot and have more balance on a daily basis than at previous timesin my life. I'm not a superhero but I don't minimize what happened to me either. I consider myself very fortunate to have made it through two devastating illnesses that occurred back to back in my life (depression and addiction - in that order). I am grateful to be alive... in good health... and be an acceptable, productive member of society - to the best of my ability on a daily basis. I give myself some credit, GOD some credit, and a few truly great people that I have positive relationships with. I've had some success over the past 6 years - but I take life "one day at a time". I stay clean "just for today".
I am currently studying instrumentation, automation, and PLC's in hopes of leaving typical electrical work behind and moving to a higher level within the (electrical) industry. I've gotten deeper into music over the past few years and am investing in my dream of being a singer/songwriter/performer.

School Story:

well - there are too many of those stories to document online tonight.

Favorite Movies

the crow(e), the jerky boys, burn after reading, fargo, before the devil knows your dead, identity, freeway, millers' crossing, the chronicles of riddick

Favorite Music

all types of rock, classical, country, jazz

Favorite Books

the basic text, the bible, do it yourself (instructional), music theory for guitar, sci-fi (robert heinlein, isaac asimov...)

Favorite TV Shows

sitcoms, the news, documentaries, wildlife shows

Favorite Hobbies & Activities

music, art, poetry. repairing and fixing things.

Favorite Destination

my home

Favorite Quote(s):

abraham lincoln, albert einstein, socrates

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